Paula Hayes, "Lucid Green"

I’m Paula Hayes. You may be hearing rain drops or the distant Amtrack train along the Hudson River. That’s because I live about four miles from Thomas Cole House. These sounds of the train, they would be something that would have made Thomas Cole [chuckles] very melancholic. I thought it would be appropriate to read a little bit from my work Lucid Green which is a sci-fi artist book that relies equally on image, typography, and storytelling. In it is a chapter called “The Disappearance”:

Lucid Green Sanctuary is a repository of memories for all who are living

and sentient as much as it is home to a new and growing recognition

of what the Earth is -- as it unfolds in its own ways and in its own time.

The Disappearance was, above all, altering. Many who can speak or

write, write about real vs. unreal and how The Disappearance is perhaps

entering what is real. For others, they question which time is in fact real,

before or after.

This is, to me, my own questioning about “Where do we belong in this world that we have altered?” and “Are we in the Before or After?” As we watch, feel, experience this unfolding of a changing world and our own role in it.